david F. Ramsey

SIP Specialist  

Commercial and industrial builders and developers, local realtors and municipal officials have learned to rely on David F. Ramsey for all types of surveying, engineering and project development.

Providing expertise in civil engineering, land surveying and land use consultations, I also perform environmental investigations of undeveloped land for property transfers. This service helps prospective buyers determine if property is free of possibly hazardous materials and help to avoid major clean-up expenses at a later date.

In addition, I am fully knowledgeable of Federal and State regulations for developments in areas containing wetlands, enabling your proposed project to be environmentally compatible. With my years of experience and the latest equipment techniques, I have proven my ability to do a job thoroughly and correctly.



Projects created with SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels.)

North Carolina


David F Ramsey, President
R&S Engineering and Construction Corporation,
a Florida Corporation.
General contracting: FL-CGC 010310

David F Ramsey, Professional Engineer Individual. All engineering in North Carolina is provided by David F. Ramsey, Professional Engineer and General Contractor (NC 44555) operating as a sole proprietor.


Professional Engineer:  Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio

Professional Land Surveyor and Mapper: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina

David F. Ramsey
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